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Parent category Analysis
Description Data classifiers
Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
ClassifierPerformance 1.0 in out Calculates popular classifier performance values based on actual classes, and predicted values.
EnsembleAttributeSelection 1.0 in out Feature selection with multiple algorithms.
GMLVQClassifier 1.1 data, testData, classifyData, inClassifier outClassifier, confusion, importances, evaluation, predictedClasses Trains a classifier based on the given sample data, or predicts with a classifier trained earlier.
SampleBalancer 1.0 in balanced, remainder Divides matrix rows in to two, by balancing the occurrence of unique labels in column.
WekaClassifier 1.1 data, testdata, classifydata, inClassifier outClassifier, report, confusion, evaluation, predictedClasses Creates a classifier based on the given sample data.

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