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Vladimir Rogojin

Component Version Inputs Outputs Description
CSVSort 1.2 in, inArray out, status Sorts and merges CSV files.
Directed2Undirected 1.0 in out Converts a directed graph into undirected graph.
GraphSplitter 1.0 in out Splits a graph into subgraphs that are either connected or strongly connected (case of directed graph) components.
JCSVJoin 1.0 csv1, csv2, csv3, csv4, csv5, csv6, csv7, csv8, csvDir, array csv Java implementation of R CSVJoin component.
LatexSearchReplace 1.0 in, rules out Transforms text (including Tex) files in the given Latex directory by replacing certain string with new values in the specified text files.
XML2CSV 1.2 in out Transforms an XML file into CSV table.

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